Sunday, September 10, 2017

Large catamaran!

A friend is building a large cat in his yard!  He has waterfront on Bay River here in Pamlico county.
It is a very ambitious project and he is making great strides.  He is currently building the connective structures and cabin parts.  I believe it is about 56 feel LOA.    Huge.
More photos and specs to follow.

Cat under the live oaks.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bottom Job

We had the hydro out for the winter.  For the summer boating season we wanted to give the boat an epoxy barrier coat and a proper antifouling bottom job.  We  scraped off some barnacles, sanded and mixed up West system epoxy with barrier coat additive.
After it hardened, we gave it a light sanding.  The ablative paint should keep us clean for a few months of fun.
Ingo added a higher pitch prop and has been racing around with his friend Alden.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Steel Sailboats

Saturday afternoon I got an invitation for a sail on SV Prinses Mia.  Her captain Martijn Dijkstra  is a fine fellow stopping in Oriental for a few weeks after sailing over from Las Palmas Spain.
His boat, is a hefty 25 ton steel sloop with a pilot house.  It was built in 1980 in Holland.
Prinses Mia feels like a ship.  Here are the particulars...
LOA 50 feet
Beam 17 feet
Draft 7 feet
Auxiliary is a 70hp Mitsubishi diesel

Martijn fabricated this effective windlass.

The good captain.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Oriental Boat show

It was a great weekend for the boat show.  A beautiful breezy Saturday made it hard not to want to buy a boat.  We had great fun visiting the booths and walking through various sailboats.  Here are some photos...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spring Sailing!

The 2017 Sailpack Interconference Regatta got a perfect weather day today.16 college teams from up and down the east coast are competing this weekend.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Heavy Fog on the Neuse

A heavy fog rolled in this afternoon and made the town disappear before our eyes.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

House Progress

We are closing up the house in time for winter weather such as it is down here.
We have three windows and three exterior doors left to install.  After that, the place will be a lot less drafty.  The electric and plumbing rough ins are underway.

The Bird House

Friday, November 18, 2016

Salvage: not today

Last Sunday, with the help of a friend, we pumped out the standing rain water and towed the derelict Columbia 26 to our slip.  We were alerted to the boat by a previous owner of the boat.
He told me the the most recent owner of the boat never registered it and after a storm left it abandoned.
In the course of the tow, a DNR water patrol officer came along side and inquired about our intentions.
At that point the salvage was in gear and he was happy to be rid of the boat.
He had a copy of the current (2015) registration with owners name.
The officer did not have correct contact info and had never been able to contact the owner to press him to move the boat.
He gave us the registration papers.  With these I was able to track down the owner, give him a call to find out his intentions.
He said he has and interested buyer.
I encouraged him go for it.
While we were within our rights to claim salvage on an abandoned boat, reason dictated I return the boat and move on.
After inspecting the boat and estimating the needed work, the rescue didn't make sense. Poor ODIN!
I do like the lines of this boat and its interior is surprisingly roomy.  It also has the advantage of being able to fit under the Oriental bridge.  But as my friend suggested, it is a buyers market and boats of this size can be had reasonably.
The whole exercise was not a waste.  I was under the impression the smallest boat I would be interested in for accommodations would be in the 34 foot range.  This 1969 Columbia was way bigger the the 1969 Carl Alberg designed Kittywake I had owned previously.
The fire has been lit.  We will be looking for a boat around 28-31 feet.
Here is a photo of Tiny and I contemplating our future:

Saturday, November 12, 2016


The owner of an abandoned boat told Christa we could have it if we could free it from its approaching doom.
The boat dragged anchor in a storm in 2012 and drifted way up a local creek. 
The wind has been blowing from the NE and filling up the sound.
Christa and I checked out the boat today.  It is salvageable.  It is floating.  This high water helps.  It is swinging around on it's keel. 
It looks like it was broken into at one point and stripped of some interior fixtures.  It was left open and has about 6 inches of water in it.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to pump it out and hopefully tow it to a slip we have near the bridge.  I think our little skiff can do it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weather Vane

We installed a weathervane just in time for Mathew's visit.   This is the only nautical thing I have done in months.  The house construction is progressing.  We finished the tower roof and before the scafolding came down,  I wanted to get the vane up.  We whittled it out of scraps of gavalume roofing.  It rides on a bearing supported shaft and will turn a needle on a compass rose on the ceiling of the tower room.  Here are some pics:

Sperm whale

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sinking Feeling

This was a beautiful boat last time I saw it afloat.  Yesterday walking the docks at Whittaker Point Marina, I saw the inevitable conclusion to long neglect of a wooden boat.  It was listed for sale for $2000 as recently as 4 months ago.  Now it will cost that much for the owner to remove it from it's slip.  Sad

Sunday, July 17, 2016


There are a lot of sharks off the coast of North Carolina.  There always have been apparently.  You can find fossilized sharks teeth in the local gravel!
To learn more about this, we visited the Aurora Fossil Museum.  Follow this link to see some amazing fossils.
The museum is filled with items unearthed at Potash Corporation. It is a phosphate quarry near the town of Aurora.  As they mine for phosphate, they turn up these amazing fossils.

the museum has displays of fossils from the many creatures who have called the area home for the last many millions of years.
In digging through one of their gravel piles during the recent Aurora Days festival we found these sharks teeth.  It took just a couple of hours to unearth these.